Professional Dating: Possessive and Jealous Men

Published: 19th July 2009
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One of the biggest problems (if not the biggest problem of all) in the world of Dating Internet Service is the existence of jealous and possessive men. And ladies, you have got to know how to spot and handle them if your millionaire match if you suspect your millionaire match to be one.

But just what is the big deal with these possessive and jealous men? Their intentions when they joined web dating is that they are looking for a serious relationship with a woman, but due to their own insecurities, they cling possessively once they find them. They really do not believe that they can keep you because of their own lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. The don't believe that they deserve a great lady such as yourself, so they try to make you more dependent on them. This is really sad and a bit pitiful if you think about it.

As women, we need to get a handle on their psychology before we can know what to do. This guy who doesn't love himself, will continuously ask why a great woman like you would go out with a guy like him. This man cannot love himself so he can't imagine someone else loving him too. But he needs to feel she does, so he needs to have expressions as to how far she will go for him. He will give the advantages of staying online together at specific times which will cut your time with friends. He would endeavor to make you be dependent on him, care about him, and need him, and him alone, so that you wouldn't think of leaving him for anyone else.

How does he do that? He will find imagined scenarios where he would ask for your help, which will force you to stay online with him. This point, you would only think that he's just being romantic and just wants to spend more time with you. Which is a perfectly natural reaction. You won't notice, but this dangerous guy will eat away your social life little by little. Doing this, he will slowly separate you from others and fulfill his own needs.

The next thing that he will try to do is to make you feel bad about yourself to ensure that you will have such a low self-esteem that you will cling to him. He'll tell you how much of a catch he is and how you're lucky to have him and he will love you no matter what.

He has you where he wants you by now. A dependent and isolated woman. But this won't mean that he will trust you. He will always believe that you will leave him at some point, so he will continuously find ways to make you more dependent on him.


Keep your safety and protection from possessive and jealous men and keep on going to be the beautiful and self-respecting woman you are! Be yourself and learn to love and laugh at our Sugardaddie dating site for a fun and romantic millionaire dating experience. Read up on other articles at our blog at Millionaire Matchmaker.

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